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The Latest Drivers Delivered Immediately
If you have been deploying a hardware-independent image to any laptop or desktop with the UIU, you know how comprehensive the driver database updates are. UIU Support takes the time to amass the latest drivers, vet them against the existing driver database, and test them on every applicable machine in our lab and deliver them on the second Tuesday of every other month.

While this has ensured high quality usable drivers ready for the latest hardware as it is acquired, the period of time in between each major driver database update has been less than ideal for some of our customers.

To ensure that non of our customers wait for the latest drivers, we will be changing the delivery method for our drivers.

Beginning January 2013, Big Bang LLC will make Incremental Driver Updates available through the UIU Online Updates.  These updates will be provided in addition to the Full Driver Database Updates which are available six times per year on the second Tuesday of every other month.

Incremental Updates will consist of customer-reported or industry-released drivers found to be absent from the UIU driver set and will be presented for download via UIU Online Updates (after validation/approval) on an ad hoc basis. We expect that this additional service will enhance the effectiveness of the UIU's already extensive driver database and greatly benefit customers with the latest hardware using Windows XP as well as customers with legacy hardware using Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Always check for updates when executing the UIU to make sure that the latest, greatest executable and driver database revisions are employed.

Remember best practices to run the UIU.exe for the UIU Updater which will automatically scan the online database and download only the latest drivers you don't already have. That way the entire product and driver database does not need to be downloaded each time. 

Universal Imaging Utility release notes

Universal Imaging Utility System Deploy Plug-in release notes

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