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Automated Driver Management Now Through Remote Console in SCCM

One of the more beneficial features of the Microsoft SCCM Administration Console is that it can be installed on a network computer to facilitate the use of SCCM without requiring access to the Primary Site Server (PSS). Unfortunately, for the Universal Imaging Utility System Deploy Plug-in (UIUSD) to operate, you must configure the Operating System Deployment (OSD) Task Sequence directly on the PSS.

At least, that's how it used to work. Not anymore. 

Introducing the SCCM Remote Console
Beginning with UIUSD version, the SCCM Remote Console allows you to configure and execute an OSD Task Sequence from an Administration Console that is not installed on the PSS.

The SCCM Remote Console is a great enhancement for anyone who does not have convenient access to the PSS Administration Console, such as those working in a lab environment with access only to OSD operations within SCCM. It also benefits those whose PSS is located in an off-site data center that includes limited or inefficient access. 

Currently, the UIUSD Remote Console can operate with only one PSS, a limitation predicated by the FQDN, associated with the connection to the PSS and required during the setup of the SCCM Administration Console. Future releases, however, will be able to connect to multiple PSS instances simultaneously.

Easy installation
When you install the newest version of the UIUSD, the installer automatically detects whether the PSS is located on the resident machine. If the PSS is not found, the Plug-in Only Installation (Configuration Manager Console Only) Setup Type option is automatically selected, ensuring that you have remote access.

The rest of the UIUSD setup process occurs as prescribed in Section 9 of the UIUSD Installation Guide

Please note that the Plug-in and UIUSD Package Installation (Primary Site Server) Setup Type is only available if the UIUSD is installed on an SCCM Primary Site Server.


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