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Manage PC Deployments Efficiently for your Customers

Supporting the PC imaging and deployment needs within a managed services provider or PC repair shop environment poses various challenges. It's one thing to manage computers that have the same operating system and configuration, but what about IT groups that must take care of clients with a diverse range of devices, all with different models and drivers? Add to that machines that aren't necessarily owned or scheduled for regular re-imaging and the challenges are significant.  

To address this growing problem, Big Bang is introducing the Universal Imaging Utility Per-Deployment Instance (UIUPDI). This new deployment licensing model is available in November. The UIUPDI will help organizations that offer individualized driver support and imaging services to a diverse client base with a wide range of devices, operating systems, and configurations, but may not have perpetual access to or even ownership of hardware to be imaged.

Who's the UIUPDI for?
Put simply, the UIUPDI with its per-deployment license fee is the perfect model for any company or educational institution supporting computers and devices it doesn't own, that don't have one set configuration, or aren't scheduled for regular re-imaging.

That's why the UIUPDI is great for organizations like universities, PC repair shops, value-added resellers, and managed service providers. A college campus offers a perfect example: The IT group at a university provides a diverse group of student devices with intranet connectivity, antivirus protection, networking, and OS maintenance. The IT team can use the UIUPDI to standardize driver updates. With a special cost-per-deployment license that can be included in the students' fees, the use of UIUPDI will greatly simplify the universities IT workload while providing a consistent, supportable OS image.  

The UIUPDI also works well for computer repair shops where users bring in various device makes and models, with a wide variety of software configurations. With the UIUPDI, the repair shop can use the UIU imaging solution to reinstall the customer's software and drivers.

Whether you support a group of computers that have the same configurations or a more diverse group with a wide range of configurations, Big Bang has a deployment-licensing model that suits your needs.








Universal Imaging Utility (UIU)





UIU Per-Deployment Instance (UIUPDI)





License Model





Per PC





Per Deployment





Reuse Options






Licensed PCs can be re-imaged as many times as necessary with the same license.


The license can be used on a new PC as long as the image is removed from the retiring machine.





Licensed per deployment of a UIU-prepared image to a PC.


Purchased licenses are valid for one year and cannot be renewed.






Cost Benefits





The first year of licensing includes driver updates, product upgrades, and support. Annual subscription renewal fees are a percentage of the initial purchase price.






Fee per license at a reduced rate over the UIU.




No matter your needs, give Big Bang a call to discuss your options. As devices diversify and computer configurations get more complicated, it's important to have a solid imaging support solution to turn to — and UIU or UIUPDI will meet your needs.


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