Release Notes - UIU plug-in for MDT Bookmark

UPDATED as of October 25, 2016

Includes UIU plug-in for MDT Updater version & UIUprep version


On deployed machines only, the Log folder & UIU data folder have been migrated from Program Files to ProgramData.

UIU log files on deployed machines are now located under the ProgramData\UIU directory. Additionally, resources needed by each application are extracted/placed in the ProgramData\UIU\bin directory (temporarily). Program Files is no longer used for any resources or logs.

NOTE: The UIU plug-in for MDT log files are also now located in ProgramData\UIU; other install files remain in Program Files(x86).

Issue: Plug-in Uninstallation fails with Updater v1.11.4.0

Upon attempted uninstallation, the program receives Error 1001, stating that it "Could not find a part of the path 'C:\ProgramData\UIU\Data'.". Microsoft FixIt may be employed to remediate a failed uninstallation (to remove the reference in Programs and Features), but files will remain in C:\Program Files\UIU as well as C:\ProgramData\UIU, requiring manual removal.

Uninstallation errors have been resolved in Updater v1.11.6.0.

Issue: Deployment Workbench x64

The Deployment Workbench launches by default in 32-bit mode and, regardless of installed .Net versions, it launches using .Net Framework 3.5. The UIU plug-in requires .Net 4.0 or newer to function properly. In order to force the Deployment Workbench to launch with .Net 4.0, a configuration file is required in the location of mmc.exe.

In 64-bit environments, the MDT Workbench crashes when attempting to add the UIU Machine Configuration task or potentially when attempting to access a sequence that already contains the UIU Machine Configuration task. This occurs due to an architecture redirect 'feature' in Windows 7 and Server 2008 environments wherein the UIU was placing a configuration file in an inappropriate location.

The UIU has been updated to place the configuration file in the correct location regardless of architecture.

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