Release Notes

DB-17-01-26 Driver Database Update Bookmark

January 26, 2017

Driver DB Amendments:

Customer-requested drivers since November 2016 release.

Drivers Affected:

See Attached: UIU DB-17-01-26 Drivers.pdf

Make and Models Affected:

See Attached: Make-Model DB-17-01-26.pdf

Issue: HP EliteBook Graphics driver

UIU included driver causes "flickering" on specific model of HP EliteBook machines.

Graphics driver updated from version to version

Issue: Lenovo Graphics/Audio driver

Out-of-date graphics/audio drivers were potentially causing BSOD, specifically on T460s and T560s models.

Graphics/Audio driver updated to most recent driver(s).

Issue: Mobile platforms using an M.2 SSD - Windows 7

UIU Classic product ONLY!

This is an I/O gap caused by trying to align new hardware technology with Windows 7. Many new mobile platforms use an M.2 SSD. These drives run on the new re interface through the PCIe bus, which requires that Windows 7 be updated with at least one Microsoft hotfix: Microsoft KB2990941.

If a 0x0000007E is encountered, then also install the following hotfix, but do not install this with the above hotfix unless the 7E BSOD is presented. Microsoft KB3087873.

These hot fixes can be slipstreamed into the image through steps in this guide: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/HOW11493/en

Issue: Platforms using the Intel Skylake chipset - Windows 7

This is an I/O gap caused by trying to align new hardware technology with Windows 7. To bridge this gap for Windows 7 images, Dell support recommends the following workaround available online: Dell SLN300564.

Windows XP is no longer supported via the full UIU product downloads!

Due to a reduction in customer demand and a general quiescence in the production of XP-specific drivers, all Windows XP drivers have been removed from the full (zip) downloads of the UIU. Windows XP will continue to be supported and drivers will continue to be offered via UIU Online Updates. Please contact UIU Support for a full (zip) download of the UIU-prepared XP driver database.


The full driver database exceeds 14Gb in size (14.3 Gb). Please follow the guidelines below for optimal performance. This database release still covers Windows 7 through Windows 10 (32/64bit).

USB Flash drives need to be formatted with the NTFS file system before the driver database will successfully transfer. Network share access is recommended.

Support Reminder:

The Big Bang Support Team would like to remind our customers to please clear out any drivers represented in the Custom folder(s) prior to testing with a new version of the UIU Driver Database as neglecting to do so may result in false negative installations.  Please contact a Support Representative with questions or concerns. Thank you!

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